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Are you looking the ways to earn money online?

Have you tried many ways but did not get success?

I know my both questions are true, but don’t worry friends I understand your situation and I understand your need. I am also one of you I have tried many ways and after a lot of failures, I got some really trustable portals and ways where you can earn a decent amount to full fill your need and really these ways can change your life if you work seriously and give sufficient time.

I am not telling you that you will earn huge money but you will definitely earn a decent money on monthly basis.

So let’s start and I am going to tell you 6 ways to earn money online and if you have any question and if you don’t understand something then please don’t hesitate and feel free to mail me, I will give you the right solution.

So let’s start

1 – YouTube

make money on youtube

Yes, my friend’s YouTube is a very nice and clean way to earn money by your videos because YouTube is a world’s largest search engine after Google so you can trust on YouTube and it gives you chance to make money through your videos.

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2 – Google AdSense

make money on google adsense

Google is a world’s no one search engine and Google AdSense is Google’s own publisher platform. It gives you publisher account where you can put some Google ads on your own blog or website. If you don’t have a website then you can create free blogs on blogger.com / wordpress.com, it’s a simple and easy way.

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3 – Media.net


Media.net is also a publisher account to run an advertisement on your blog or website but it belongs to bing.com and yahoo.com. Both search engine work in combination by media.net so if you want to earn money by this so just go to media.net and you can apply to get publisher account.

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4 –fiverr.com / Become a Freelancer


it’s a freelance service marketplace this platform gives you really profitable growth, you work as a freelancer here and you can sell or provide any kind of service like tutor, graphic designers, language tutor, typing work, content writer, videographer/photographer, digital marketing, singing service, voice dubbing, modelling ETC. If you open fiverr.com you see a bunch of categories are there & you can find and serve you service and can earn for each service/sell.

5 – Content writing

become a content writer

if you have good knowledge and command over language so this job is for you and you can do content writing in part time. “why content writing” actually all brands and company publish article and press release that’s why they always need a good content writer, so as I told you fiverr.com is a place where you can get work and beside of that you can create your freelancing account on www.freelancer.in.

6 – Sell Photos Online

sell photo online

if you think that you can capture good high-quality photos of nature, places, things, home ETC & can sell them online. There are some websites where you can submit your photos and you get paid whenever a customer purchase your photos as per the price you fix.

Some big websites where you can sell your photos – ShutterstockFotoliaPhotobucket, iStockPhoto.


I hope you will surely find your way to earning money from my tips.

I want to tell you a very series point that in this internet world you can see a group of some website or mobile application that provide many kinds of work like copy pasting, typing, video watching, advertisement clicking, application downloading, captcha solving and many more but I did not find any trustworthy website that really provides a good amount of money so please don’t invest your money because you have many platforms to earn money without investment with your talent as I provided you.

If I will get some more website and platform to earn online money then surely I will add that point to my list.

if you have any doubt in something or want to ask something

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