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Hello, friends now I am going to tell you about media.net this is a second popular and largest advertisers & publisher network in the worlds powered by Bing & Yahoo and allow you to run contextual ads on your blog/website. It is also a big platform to earn money through the internet because you can trust on big companies like Bing and yahoo as like Google.

Media.net is same as Google AdSense but media.net has very strict policies, it works with the only big brand and big companies so if you are running Bing+Yahoo contextual ads, your site will earn more than Google AdSense.


Google AdSense Alternative


There are many publisher networks who claim to be an alternative to Google AdSense but it’s not true, that all alternative never provide the good amount and also all are waste of time but only media.net is an true alternative publisher network against Google AdSense because it has only rich brands that’s why it pay you more than Google AdSense.

Earn More Than AdSense

earn more than adsense

Yes, media.net pay you more than Google AdSense plus it pays for you for impression also along with per click.

How To Get Approval

It is little different from AdSense and also little tuff to get approval but if you follow program guidelines then you can get approval easily.

You can check its program 

PLEASE CLICK HEREPolicies/Guidelines

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