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Hello My Freidns I am Piyush kumar and I live in Delhi I am a Digital Marketer with experience of 5+ Years, I always try to learn maximum and updated technology with smart way. I started my career as a SEO Executive and I was aware about value of seo and tried to learn all brief point and smart ways in SEO and after some time I started to increase my boundaries although I had completed my complete Digital Marketing Study but due to lack of practical all was little blur in my mind so I started to polish step by step my all digital marketing factor’s like ( SEO, SMO, PPC, ASO, SXO, Display Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Google AdSense, Bing & Yahoo Publisher Program, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing) in practical. And after knowing all brief point I started spending my time in exploring short cuts , tricks and effective way to save time and one day I posted a “Tips & Tricks to get keyword ranking in short time” and I got amazing result in positive comments. And after this amazing result I decided to start a blog to provide all digital marketing tips and tricks to my all digital marketer friends like you.


I started Web Times of India to share my Digital Marketing thoughts and knowledge to help each other and I always try to update latest knowledge related to digital marketing. I think we all should share our knowledge & notes that can really help to those digital marketer who are finding updates.

I really want your feedback in comments, it will help me in my direction and it will motivate me to write more for you. Web Times of India will always try to give you unique and special information which will help to make a good relationship between you and me. I will provide you Digital Marketing’s all type of knowledge related to Digital Marketing.

Piyush Kumar

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